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Sleeping on These Silk Pillowcases Is One of the Best Things You Can Do For Your Skin

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Like it or not, we are officially in the middle of the winter season. And even if you don’t live in a particularly frigid climate, there’s no denying that even the smallest amount of dryness in the air can do a number on your skin. From red, itchy patches to uncomfortable tightness, dry skin can really ruin your day. And while lotioning up every day can help, you’d be surprised to learn that seemingly innocent items in your home could actually be causing your skin to feel less-than-perfect — like your pillowcases.

You lay on your pillow every single night, so it’s really not all that surprising to learn that it could influence the way your skin and hair feel on a daily basis. So perhaps it’s time to trade out those old, dingy pillowcases for some high-quality ones made of 100% silk. And before you think you couldn’t afford such a luxurious bed accessory, you’ll be happy to learn that for a limited time, you can snag your own set of two 100% silk pillowcases for just $29.99 at just under 40% off!

These high-end pillowcases are woven with 100% silk and come in an array of gorgeous colors, turning your bed into the cuddly, soft oasis you’ve always wanted it to be. But these cases do more than make your bed look like a throne fit for a queen. They actually pose a handful of health benefits from keeping your hair smooth and silky to preventing skin irritation and breakouts. Who knew something as simple as pillowcases could give your life such an upgrade? Read on to find out how these lux cases can be an absolute game-changer for your sleep routine.

Combat dry skin.

Notice a little more dandriff rearing its ugly head than usual? Or perhaps your facial skin is feeling a little tight these days. Instead of splurging on some expensive moisturizing night cream, try switching out your old pillowcases for these super-silky ones. This smooth material made of 100% silk helps your skin retain moisture since it isn’t porous the way other ones are, absorbing the oil from your skin as you lay on them. And in the dry winter months, these silky cases can be a total game-changer, keeping your skin feeling healthy and hydrated every single day.

Say goodbye to frizzy hair.

Bedhead is a real thing. And spending an extra 20 minutes each morning trying to tame it is no bueno — especially when you could be spending that precious extra time getting in some additional beauty sleep. Similar to the way the silk pillowcases moisturize your skin, they also keep your hair hydrated which is really great news for those of us who have dry, brittle hair due to heat damage. This can lessen the appearance of frizz and split ends, helping your tresses look silky smooth and healthy.

And thanks to the cases’ 100% silk blend, your hair is less likely to catch on the material as it would on cotton or polyester, keeping it from knotting and tangling as you toss and turn throughout the night. And if you happen to have textured or curly hair, silk pillowcases like these can keep styles like braids and twists in place so you have less to deal with in the morning. And with less time spent fussing with your tresses in the morning, you’ll have more time to sleep in or cook a decent breakfast — the possibilities are basically limitless.

Reduce your exposure to chemicals.

From your clothes to your bedding, you’d be surprised how many chemicals come into contact with your skin every day. But as long as you’re sleeping on silk pillowcases like these, you don’t have to worry about being exposed to such harmful substances anymore. That’s because these cases are made of 100% silk, that’s it. They’re hypoallergenic which means there are no dyes or preservatives that can irritate your skin, causing it to dry out, itch or break out.

Face it, these fancy things make your bed look good enough for Beyoncé.

Aside from all their incredible health benefits, these silk pillowcases give your bed an upgrade you probably didn’t even know you needed. Choose from seven stunning hues, all with a gorgeous silky sheen and a chic dark trim. And don’t worry about any high-maintenance cleaning instructions. The cases are super low-maintenance to wash and they won’t lose their shine or color over time.

While these silky-smooth pillowcases are super-high-end, you’d never know that from looking at their price tag. For a limited time, you can get a set of two 100% silk pillowcases for just $29.99 — that’s nearly 40% off! Choose from classic white, beige, gray, pink, blue, lavender, or purple to give your bedding a boost and your skin some much-needed love.

Prices subject to change.

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