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A Celebrity Manicurist Tells Us the Five Hottest Nail Trends For Fall

Nailed it! Essie’s celeb manicurist Julie Kandalec stopped by Us Weekly and shared the hottest five nail trends for fall. Watch the video above to see Us Weekly Video Correspondent Christina Garibaldi try them all!

Julie Kandalec
Celebrity Manicurist Julie Kandalec

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Mix Neutrals with Metallic

If your gel manicure or your polish is growing out, but you don’t want to take it off, try this hack! Start with a base neutral color on your nail. Then use a liner brush, dip it in a metallic color and line the part of your nail nearest to your cuticles.

Tonal Graphic Nail

Tonal Graphic Nail

Start with two tonal colors – which means two shades from the same color family. Apply a clear base coat to your nail. Once that is dry, take the lighter tonal color, and paint the top corner of your nail diagonally. Then take your darker color and paint the reverse side diagonally.

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Fan Brushed Nails

The fan brush comes in every nail kit, but people are afraid to use it. For this trend, nails should have a dark base color. Once the base color is dry, apply your favorite metallic over on the tips of the fan brush bristles. Then lightly brush it over the dark base color.

Fall Nail Collection

Wavy Line Trend

Start with a lighter color, like Saved By the Belle from Essie’s new ‘90s collection. Let the base color set, but not completely dry. Then draw two wavy lines in complementary colors on top of base. Let it set again, but not dry. Then, go back and apply a top coat with a good bit of pressure to create wavy lines.

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Smile Line Trend

Apply a neutral base to your nails. Brush on a thick darker in a dramatic thick smile line at the top. Perfect this trend with a liner brush to get deep into the corners and get a crisp line. Top coat your dark color first, let that dry, then top coat all ten fingers and it won’t smudge.

Watch the video above for the full how-to demos so you can rock these nail trends all fall long!