Influencer Hannah Bronfman Opens Up About Her Natural Hair: ‘I am Grateful for This Hair’

Influencer Hannah Bronfman Opens Up About Her Natural Hai
Courtesy of Hannah Bronfman/Instagram

Hannah Bronfman is sharing a positive message about natural hair.

On Thursday, June 4, the 31-year-old influencer took to Instagram to spread some love for her natural waves.

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“This is me, Hannah, in all my natural curly haired glory,” she wrote in the accompanying caption alongside a stunning selfie. “I just heard a stat from the NAACP that after arrests and job disparities, HAIR is the third most likely form of discrimination against black people. Our HAIR, the thing with which we are born, the thing so beautiful that other cultures have been co-opting for generations. Our curls, our kinks, our braids, are so beautiful and I am GRATEFUL for this hair.”

She concludes her message, writing, “I love extensions and a sleek blowout here and there as much as the next girl but not as much as I love filling your feed with natural black hair so here is mine.”

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Bronfman received an outpouring of support including from lifestyle blogger Sai De Silva. “Omg I’m actually posting a similar message now,” she commented. “My first encounter with racism was because of my hair!!”

In De Silva’s post she shares a video of her daughter blowing out her curls with “I don’t need to straighten my hair to be pretty,” repeated over and over in a voice over.

“I was 8 years old, the same age as my daughter in this video when I had my first encounter with racism,” she wrote in the accompanying caption. “I briefly lived in Florida with my dad and started a new school that was predominantly white. I desperately wanted to be friends with a little blonde girl because I thought she was cool but I was wrong. I asked her to play with me on the playground and she responded ‘ewww no! You have yucky black hair.’ I walked away quietly because I was confused. Did she not like the color of my hair? Did my dad do a terrible job combing my hair? I had no idea what she meant, I just knew I was sad.”

She said that she begged her mom to get a relaxer so she could straighten it. It wasn’t until she became a parent that she realized how beautiful her hair was. “It is my job to lead by example for my daughter so I let her know every chance I get to love every part of her hair.”

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