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Lindsay Lohan Arrives at Court – Dressed Appropriately

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Lindsay Lohan arrived early to her probation violation at a Beverly Hills courthouse Tuesday morning.

Clad in a black blouse and gray pants with sunglasses, she sat smiling next to her civil attorney Ed McPherson.

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Her estranged father Michael also arrived at court with his attorney. Sister Ali also showed up afterwards. (Actor Danny DeVito also showed up for general jury duty, and was not involved with the Lohans.)

Lohan, 24, faces immediate jail time if a judge determines that she hasn't fully complied with her probation terms from her three-year drug and alcohol case.

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Early in the hearing, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel ordered the Right On Program to turn over its records involving the actress' participation in its alcohol education program.

The Right On Program has refused to turn them over because of confidentiality and privacy laws.

Prosecutor Danette Meyers told the judge if the program refuses to hand over files, she wants to interview the program's staff at today's hearing.

The judge asked Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, if she objected to turning over the records.

"I'm not objecting," Holley said. "Everything in the file is positive."

The court will wait for the prosecutor to review the records before calling witnesses.

Prosecutors also said they have witnesses that Lohan consumed alcohol last month when her SCRAM anklet went off and that "the device was tampered with while it was on her ankle." Lohan's attorney has said the actress was not drinking when her SCRAM bracelet went off. (Lohan was ordered to wear the alcohol-monitoring bracelet in May following a failed court appearance in connection to her two DUI convictions.)

Prosecutors said it is a violation of probation because "she clearly violated the judge's orders to not consume alcohol."

The judge said she had one defendant who wore a SCRAM bracelet for a year without going off. "It is remarkable it went off within two weeks of having it put on," the judge said of Lohan.

Lohan's lawyer said she was unprepared to address the bracelet's accuracy because the judge had previously told her the topic wouldn't be discussed at the hearing. But the attorney said that she has had clients who've had problems with the device.

In the end, the judge ruled she will not allow the prosecutor to present evidence that Lohan was drinking and that the hearing will focus on whether the actress violated probation by not attending enough alcohol ed classes at the time of her last hearing.

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