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Watch Shenae Grimes Do At-Home DIY Laser Hair Removal While in Self-Quarantine

Shenae Grimes Does Her At-Home DIY Laser Hair Removal: Watch
Courtesy of Shenae Grimes/Instagram

Too relatable! 90210 star Shenae Grimes shared a video of herself trying at-home laser hair removal as part of a DIY series she’s starting on Instagram.

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“It’s day who-knows-what of quarantine and I feel like I need to start putting a little effort in because this could be the new normal for however long,” she said at the start of her video on Monday, April 13. “I’ve been in like couch potato, vacation mode for a hot minute.”

So to both make herself feel better and to show a little effort for her partner that she’s quarantining with, she’s decided to share videos of herself trying a bunch of different at-home beauty treatments

The first one? Laser hair removal.

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“I don’t know that laser hair removal is an essential to you in your life. We can’t be judging each other on what we deem is essential. But I think it really just depends on how hairy you are and who you’re quarantining with.” Then she jokes, “I’m Italian and I have a husband, so I feel like he would say it’s pretty essential.”

After shaving her legs in the shower, she pulls out the Fezax IPL Hair Removal Device she ordered off of Amazon. After reading through the directions, she throws on the “cool” sunglasses that come with it and gets ready to zap her legs.

“This doesn’t hurt at all which makes me feel like it’s not working. When you go in person it feels like a little elastic band is just snapping. This does not feel like that.”

Though she just assumes that it’s not as strong as professional tools, she realizes the next day after fully reading the instructions that she was on level one and she should’ve been somewhere between level two and four.

After upping the intensity to level four, she tries again and still reports no pain. However, when she goes to tackle her underarms, she can feel that it’s definitely working.

“I’m reaching new levels of hot mess in this quarantine situation so I had a brilliant (slash, terrible) idea and decided to take it upon myself to try some DIY beauty treatments that are not typically done at-home…for better or for worse,” she wrote in the accompanying caption. “And also, for your entertainment. Desperate times call for desperate measures, folks.”

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