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Supermodel “Heartbroken” by Kate Hudson’s New Boobs

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Eighties supermodel Paulina Porizkova was once a featured judge on America's Next Top Model — and she's definitely got strong opinions on the surgical enhancements of Kate Hudson, Heidi Montag — and Madonna, too.

In her blog for the site Modelinia, Porizkova, 45, says she was "heartbroken" by last week's before-and-after images (first shown by of Kate Hudson's chest.

"The before: an amazingly fit, gorgeous, and yes, small-breasted young woman in a to-die-for red bikini; in the other, a blond starlet sipping a latte," she writes. "The cup size was undeniably different."

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"If big boobs make her happier, then more power to her," she continues. But the 31-year-old actress' apparent need to enlarge herself "is so much a sign of our times, and one that truly saddens me," the mother of two says. "I used to use [Hudson] as an example of the perfect beauty with a small chest. Now, with her new boobs, she just looks like any California blond actress. Instead of enhancing, she has diminished herself."

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Praising the "elegant, feline sexiness" of classic movies stars Audrey Hepburn and Jean Harlow plus models Jane Birkin and Twiggy, Porizkova slams 23-year-old Hills star Montag, who has famously undergone over ten plastic surgery procedures.

"Compare any one of these natural beauties to someone like Heidi Montag, and it's like comparing a Hastens Swedish handmade mattress to a cheap plastic pool float," she snipes.

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Porizkova also targets 51-year-old Madonna. "Madonna no longer looks like Madonna: what started as a sexy, well shaped, and somewhat hairy Italian girl has ended as a cool Nordic blonde," Porizkova complains. "It's not that she doesn't look great, she does. But she is starting to sort of melt away into the stew of the famous women over-fifty-high-cheek-boned blondes-who-cannot-frown."

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