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Velveeta Teases Creamy ‘Liquid Gold’ Skincare Line — Just in Time for April Fools’ Day

LOL! Cheese Brand Velveeta Teases Creamy ‘Liquid Gold’ Skincare Line
Courtesy of Velveeta

Get ready to spend some cheddar — literally! Velveeta, the brand responsible for the creamy orange sauce on shells, blew mac and cheese lovers and skincare junkies minds when they announced the release of V by Velveeta, a skincare line that bottles the ‘liquid gold’ unique to the brand.

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But there’s one little teensy tiny catch. The so-called drop of the line is allegedly happening on April 1st, which happens to April Fools’ Day. Alas, we remain cautiously optimistic that our skincare shelves will be stocked with orange-colored creams and serums in just a few days’ time.

The brand first teased the collection, aptly called V by Velveeta, via Instagram on March 30. “Immerse yourself in the serenity of smoothness, indulge your indulgences. The creaminess of Velveeta, now in skincare,” the video narrates, flashing a lineup of sleekly-packaged products at the end. And dare we say they look good enough to eat.

The rich and creamy line, which is in fact orange in color, contains three products. First up? A renewal serum that promises to “uncover dreamy, radiant golden glow” for just $40. There’s also a $35 Daily Moisturizer to help replenish skin and a $50 night cream to “revitalize your skin’s “natural creamy complexion.”

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Aside from the above details, much remains a mystery about the skincare line. Nothing is available for purchase just yet, but you can join the waitlist on

Historically, dairy products and good skin don’t mesh all too well, so we’re not sure what’s on the ingredients list. Could it be hyaluronic acid? Maybe some niacinamide? Perhaps a retinol?


New Velveeta Skincare! Not available yet & I’m first to review! @cheesy_velveeta #AD #VbyVelveeta

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It seems that no one has the deets as of the current moment — not even TikTok-famous board-certified dermatologist Dr. Shah. He swatches the orange product on his finger and notes that the “ingredient list definitely checks out.” He also notes that he “hasn’t been this excited about a skincare product in a long time.”

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Velveeta released an additional teaser to Twitter on March 31 with the caption, “POV: You just discovered the cheesy pleasure of personal care.” The video goes on to narrate: “Feel the magnificence of melty moisturization. Breathe in the bliss.”

As one would expect, tweeters everywhere went wild. Some were conflicted, doubting if swiping cheesy-looking skincare on their faces. One person writes, “I don’t know how to feel about this. It’s got Balenciaga Crocs vibes. I hate it but at the same time I love it.”

Many also questioned if the line is edible. Unfortunately, it’s not. Womp, womp, womp. Velveeta cleared up the confusion by saying, “We do not recommend eating V by Velveeeta but we recommend looking your best.”

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