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Why Jennifer Stallone Set Out to Make Retinol Better

Jennifer Stallone

Model, mom and soon-to-be star of her own docuseries on Paramount+, The Family StalloneJennifer Stallone has yet another title that precedes her name. At the age of 25, she stumbled upon a skincare “regimen” that cleared up her adult acne. Not long after, she joined forces with the product’s creator, became an entrepreneur and Serious Skincare was born.

Build ​a Better Retinol

Jennifer Stallone wanted to also create products that had a positive pro-aging approach. A fan of retinols, she wanted one that was even better and not so harsh on her skin. With the help of science, and her team of cosmetic chemists, she launched A-Force.

She Asked Sly to Name It

A-Force became Serious Skincare’s first pro-aging product. It had its own unique time-released, nanoencapsulated delivery system, which meant no need for downtime like other retinols. It was packed with pure vitamin A. It was fighting the fight against the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Five incarnations later, thanks to technology and science (and Jennifer’s sky-high standards), A-Force has never been more effective.

Meet the Serious Skincare Retinol Line:

Jennifer Stallone

The Wash: A-Defiance A Wash Vitamin A Gel-To-Foam Cleanser

A gently cleansing gel, it breaks down and whisks away makeup, oil and impurities. From $24.

The Serum: A-Defiance A Force XR Retinol

With its sustained release delivery over time, A-Defiance A Force provides a deeper and longer distribution of retinol into skin. $44.

The Moisturizer: A-Defiance Four Million IU A-Cream

This replenishing moisture cream is formulated with retinol and an unprecedented four million international units of retinyl palmitate. $44.

Serious Skincare