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This Is Zosia Mamet’s Go-To Product for Instant Confidence

zosia mamet
Zosia Mamet

Not ready to take on your day? Zosia Mamet has the perfect solution.

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Whenever the Girls star, 28, needs to boost her mood, she turns to her makeup bag. “I’m a firm believer in ‘fake it till you make it,'” she said in a video panel about stress on Secret deodorant’s Facebook page on Tuesday, June 14. “[No matter] how you feel when you wake up in the morning, put on whatever makes you feel like you can hide behind it.”

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What works for her? “Red lipstick is totally it for me. If I have to go out and I’m not feeling it, I’m like, ‘I’m gonna put on that red lipstick and going to pretend,'” she explained. 

Beyond beauty, Mamet says, the key to confidence is persistence. “It’s about owning your belief in … what you do and your capabilities,” she continued. “It has to be a belief in yourself that you decide to wake up with every day.”

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Mamet’s other beauty choices — including an edgy hair color makeover — have been a little more impulsive. The actress told Us Weekly in December 2014 that she dyed her hair gray because “I got bored. I had very long ‘brown virgin hair’ my whole life, and after I got to be blonde for a play that I did, I loved it and wanted to do something different,” she said at the time (she’s now blonde again). “I would often be on the subway and see girls with various hair colors and be super envious of that color. So I just decided that I wanted to do the colors that I always wanted.”

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