Saying somethin' important! Austin Mahone has partnered up with the AllState Foundation for the #TeensGetThereSafe Challenge, urging teens to practice safe driving. 

After revealing the startling statistic that an average of eight teens die in car crashes everyday, the 18-year-old pop star gives the following advice to young drivers: "buckle up, don't speed, and don't let your friends in the car distract you" in the PSA. 

To spread the word about safe driving, the AllState Foundation and Mahone are hosting a contest—asking teens to share pictures of themselves or their destinations with the hashtags "#slowdown," "#seatbelt" and "#nodistractions" through the #GetThereSafe app available on iTunes and Google Play. The contest wraps up on Aug. 8. 

Once the winner is determined from a random drawing, he or she will get a meet and greet with the "Mmm Yeah" singer at his or her school in the fall. 

Fresh off getting his driver's license, Mahone is ready to practice what he's preaching. “I’m a new driver, so I know how important it is to be safe," he tells Us Weekly. "So I teamed up with the AllState Foundation for the #teensgettheresafe campaign to really help spread the word of safe driving to teens." 

"Car accidents are the #1 killer in teens, that’s crazy," he adds. "Buckle up, drive slow and pay attention! If you drive, you need to be safe.”

Watch the PSA above!