Would You Rock Olivia Wilde's Rapunzel-Length Ponytail?

It's reached the point in the summer where even the stars are running out of fresh hot weather hairstyles: the side braid's been done a zillion times, the top knot feels tired, and a pony is playing it too safe.

That's why we were so excited when Olivia Wilde hit up the Cowboys & Aliens premiere in Berlin on Monday sporting a totally unique 'do.

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The recently divorced actress, who has been having some serious red-carpet hits with pin-straight strands and chic swept-back updos, rocked an extra-long ponytail dressed up with clear elastics every few inches. She even tied a scrunchie (yes, a scrunchie) around the perked-up pony's base.

One bonus to binding your ponytail is that it prevents your hair from poofing up in super-humid temps. And since the elastics keep your hair in place, it also make a perfect rainy-day hairstyle.

Tell Us: Would you sport a bunched-up pony like Olivia?

Would You Rock Olivia's Ponytail?


Would You Rock Olivia's Ponytail?

Yes. It's different and on-trend.
No. It's too wacky for my taste.
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