Beyonce's "Partition" Music Video: 5 Hottest Moments

Hurry up driver! Things are getting steamy back here. 

Though Beyonce's R-rated "Partition" music video was released when her entire visual album dropped on Dec. 13, the chart-topper officially released the video for her new single to the public on Feb. 25. 

In arguably the most explicit song off her new self-titled album (which is chock-full of X-rated tracks), Mrs. Carter doesn't disappoint, matching the racy lyrics with equally erotic costumes and dance moves. 

Here are Beyonce's top five hottest moments from "Partition":

1. Having breakfast inside a Versailles-like estate, Beyonce wears sexy-trendy glasses with thick black rims and a sleek ear-length bob. When her man won't look up from his morning paper even after she opens her robe to reveal the perfection inside -- seriously, Jay? -- she casually drops a napkin to the floor, forcing her common lady's maid to run and fetch it for her. All hail, Queen Bey!

2. Next, she struts down the street in sky-high red stilettos, a wide-brimmed Carmen Sandiego-esque hat, and a trench coat that fails to cover her lace-wrapped body. As she's caught in the headlights of her millionaire hubby's Bentley, he invites her inside. Who wouldn't?

3. Managing to make a chain-link armor headdress look sexy, Beyonce rolls atop a a mirrored table, flashing all of her assets in a bedazzled bra and G-string thong. She just wants to be the kind of girl you like, after all. 

4. Emerging from a black lace-covered, high-collared cover up, Blue Ivy's hot mama straddles a piano top in a velvet strapless bustier and knee-high black leather boots. Watch your back, HOVA!

5. Covering her body in leopard-printed lights, Beyonce whips, bumps, and grinds on the stage of a strip club. As her rapping hubby -- yes, that's Jay Z making another cameo! -- smokes a cigar in the audience, the sultry singer proves that a fantasy of her is all he needs. 

What did you think of Beyonce's raunchy "Partition" video? Watch it above!