Ellen DeGeneres Dances With Bears and Wolves In Beats Music Super Bowl Commercial: Watch It Here!

Dancing with bears! Ellen DeGeneres is among the myriad of celebs with Super Bowl XLVIII commercials, but unlike her famous peers, the comedic talk show host shows off her dancing chops in the new spot for Beats Music.

The TV personality, 56, debuted the clip on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday, Jan. 30 and told the audience her spot was for the Beats Music app: "Which is something that I absolutely love," she confessed.

"You’re really not supposed to see it until the Super Bowl," she added Thursday. "But it’s my birthday and it’s my show so I get to do what I want."

The minute-long clip, a modernized fusion between The Story of the Three Bears and Red Riding Hood, stars DeGeneres as a more amusing version of Goldilocks, who sneaks into a stylish urban condo called The Woods. "Once there was a girl who was hungry for the perfect music to dance to," she narrates in the commercial.

After listening to music on three different sets of headphones, the bow-wearing star consults the Beats Music app for pop tunes that are "just right" for her desired dance party -- when the family of scary animals comes home. "Hit play, baby," says the wolf as the troupe joins DeGeneres for one amazing-looking bash.

After the spot was revealed on the show, DeGeneres plugged in the app for the audience: "I've got it on this LG G-Flex phone. It's got this curved screen. It's very, very cool," she said. The generous DeGeneres then added, "I want you all to try Beats, so you're all going home with this phone."

Watch it!