This Tiger Being Woken Up From a Nap Is Everyone in the Morning

This Tiger Being Woken Up From a Nap Is Everyone in the Morning

Let sleeping cats lie! One tiger at the Dublin Zoo really doesn’t like to be disturbed from its rest, something we completely understand.

A video recently captured the big cat’s reaction to being woken from its slumber. In the clip, another tiger is trotting nonchalantly in its enclosure while a young zoogoer marvels at the majestic feline. As the tiger saunters past the viewing window, the little visitor follows behind safely on the other side of the glass, eager to get a closer look.

Well, that is until the playful tiger strolls up to the sleeping one and gives it a whack with its paw! The napping feline immediately springs to action with a fierce roar and claws out, leaping to angrily swipe at the silly cat who dared wake it, and sending the little child scrambling and calling to Mom.

But soon after the no-longer-sleepy tiger lashed out, it calmed down with just a few low growls as the other feline casually lapped up some water before walking away.

Watch the fierce cat fight in the video above!

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