Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Loses Dog, Barn Burns Down

Celebrity Moms Jul. 7, 2011 AT 5:19PM
Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Loses Dog, Barn Burns Down Credit: Fame Pictures Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Loses Dog, Barn Burns Down

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska had a horrible Wednesday. Not only did her beloved dog, Pixie, go missing, but her dad's Vermillion, South Dakota barn caught on fire, too.

The barn fire was an accident, Houska, 19, tells Us Weekly, caused by "some little kids who were shooting fireworks. There were some hay bales on the top part that were old and dried out and they caught on fire," she says.

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But the reality star doesn't know "exactly what happened" in the disappearance of her pug. "[My dad] said they just let her out like usual, and she didn't come back," she says. 

Houska, who has a 22-month old daughter Aubree, tells Us she considers Pixie "a huge part of our family." 

"I got her when I was a sophomore in high school… I've been especially close to her," she explains. "We also have two labs that are outside dogs, and sometimes we let Pixie out to run with them. She's been doing it her whole life."

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Between the barn burning down and her dog disappearing, it's been "a pretty crappy couple of days," Houska admits.

But the Teen Mom 2 star -- and her daughter -- aren't giving up hope on finding Pixie. "We made posters, and Aubree and I are going to go around town and put them up," she says. "Hopefully [we'll] get the word out around town." 

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"She's very important to our family, and we are all really attached to her and upset that she's gone," Houska adds. "Aubree and [Pixie] were best friends, and every time we come to my dad's, the first thing Aubree says is, 'Pixie!'"

If you've seen Chelsea's pug, Pixie, please email FoundPixie@hotmail.com. The family is offering a reward.

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