25 Things You Don't Know About Me: Madeleine Stowe

Entertainment Feb. 1, 2012 AT 8:52AM
25 Things You Don't Know About Me: Madeleine Stowe Credit: Jesse Grant/WireImage.com

Madeleine Stowe, 53, (Revenge airs on ABC Wednesdays at 10 p.m.) shares the 25 things you don't know about her with Us Weekly.

1. My toes are all the same length.

2. I have a lovely daughter [May, 15, with her husband, Private Practice star Brian Benben], not two children, which has been misreported again and again.

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3. I love to make homemade pasta.

4. I prefer the company of men to women.

5. I hate girlie talk. If I hear someone whine about men, it'll drive me out into the open.

6. I have a large head -- physically, I mean.

7. I get quiet out of shyness.

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8. I will talk in rapid-fire bursts once I'm no longer feeling shy.

9. I love corsets.

10. I can have three conversations at once and not remember any of them.

11. I'm half Costa Rican.

12. I sleepwalk.

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13. I have long conversations in my sleep.

14. My dreams are often violent and, for better or worse, they run all night.

15. I've had many a dream where an event happens, then the event occurs in real life a day or two later.

16. I can rope cattle.

17. My favorite horse from my ranch is Sherman.

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18. I used to chew Copenhagen tobacco.

19. I don't have tattoos. I prefer pristine skin.

20. I spend a part of each day in an alternate universe.

21. I replace a lot of things I lose, then I lose them again!

22. I have a boot fetish.

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23. Daniel Day-Lewis once stole my beloved cowboy boots.

24. I got them back, but I've worn holes in them that I won't resole.

25. I belly dance!

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