Jimmy Kimmel's "Pot Quiz" Reveals SXSW Fans Know More About Weed Than Current Events: Watch Now!

It doesn’t have to be 4/20 for these blazers to light up! On a SXSW edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host sent his camera crew out into the famed Austin, Texas music festival for a segment called “Pot Quiz.”

“There’s a lot of focus on how much people drink here at SXSW,” Kimmel began. “People aren’t just drinking, it’s a stereotype. People are also smoking marijuana. Even though pot is illegal in the state of Texas, someone somehow managed to sneak some in.”

The interviewers proceeded to question festival attendees — first on topics surrounding politics and current events and then on superficial, typically weed-related subjects. 

When one man was asked to name the three branches of government, he replied, “Judicial, f--k dude, ah there’s one that starts with a ‘B.’” But when asked about flavors of Doritos, he quickly rattled off, “Ranch, the nacho cheese — hell yeah, Taco Bell.”

Clad in a white crop top and a flower crown, one party girl, who couldn’t name a single Supreme Court justice, effortlessly listed the Kardashian girls, saying, “Khloe, Kylie, Kendall, Kim, and the other one, like the one who had a bunch of babies.” (Pssttt: It’s Kourtney!) 

A different woman, wearing a hat with a marijuana leaf, on it admitted she was, “so high, stoned to the bone,” but after the interviewer asked if she’d be willing to commit a felony on camera, she replied, “Definitely not, never.” 

Watch the clip to see what notorious pot smoker Willie Nelson had to say about all the smoke-filled hoopla!