Jimmy Kimmel

Full Name: Jimmy Kimmel
Hometown: New York, NY
Relationship Status: Married to Molly McNearney
Birthday: November 13, 1967

Kimmel first entered the public sphere by taking positions on several different radio shows.

However, in 1997, he switched to the small screen and starred as comedic counterpart to Ben Stein on the hit Comedy Central game show Win Ben Stein’s Money – a hysterical combination that earned the pair a 1999 Emmy Award for Best Game Show Host.

Following his successful four-year stint on The Man Show as cohost (with Adam Corrolla), Kimmel began hosting his own late-night television show Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2003, and, night after night, he continues to keep fans (and just plain insomniacs) entertained and laughing.

While Kimmel’s life is full of humor, he isn’t immune to heartbreak. In 2002, Kimmel and Gina – mother to his two children, Kevin and Katie – ended their 14-year marriage.

Kimmel used to date comedian Sarah Silverman. He married Molly McNearney on July 13, 2013.