Mom Pens Powerful Post About Pregnancy After Miscarriage: ‘I Question Everything’

Lifestyle blogger Allie Boss is nine weeks pregnant with her second child. “Everything looks good so far,” she tells Us Weekly. But after losing two babies in two years, the 26-year-old has understandably been struggling with anxiety. “There’s always this voice saying, ‘What if something happens? What if today’s the last day?’” says Boss. “When I go to the bathroom I’m just waiting to see blood.”

My whole world ????

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The mom of Rosie Jane, 2, with husband Josh, opened up about her fears in a now-viral Facebook post. “I question everything. Is that pain normal, why don’t I feel sick, is the baby growing right? It’s hard being pregnant after loss,” she began on Saturday, January 7. “I think it’s common to question symptoms. But it’s 100xs worse after loss.”

It's really easy to question God when things don't go our way. When bad things happen. When life is hard. It's really easy to praise God when things go right. What's not easy is praising God through the hard, through trials, through rough waters. But our faith never wavered. His faithfulness and love for us is so abundant and our blessings are more than we could ever imagine. He knows our steps and our days before they happen and he is the only one who has seen our whole story. He's taken time to write it and plan it perfect for us. We never expected to lose two babies in a row but here we are with our rainbow. Our ray of hope. Our story he has planned all along. It was always you little baby. It's always been you ??

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Boss went on to admit she hesitated to announce her pregnancy before the traditionally acceptable 12-week mark, when the risk of miscarriage drops dramatically. “I questioned if we shared too early because what if something happened again?” she wrote. “But … I’m not going to hide it. You should never feel you have to hide a baby. I’m going to celebrate, share and savor every single day.”

In the accompanying photo, Boss is seen holding her toddler daughter and revealing a tiny baby bump.

“There’s this stigma that you have to wait until your first trimester is over to share that you’re pregnant,” she tells Us. “But after you go through losses, you just want to celebrate what you have, while you have it.”

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