Charlie Challenge Goes Viral as Teens Try Summoning Demons With Pencils

The Charlie Challenge
The Charlie Challenge went viral when teens tried summoning a demon with pencils. Courtesy of Charlie Challenge/Instagram

Kids today! Apparently all you need to summon demons is two pencils and a piece of paper. The “Charlie Challenge” is the latest viral sensation to sweep the Internet, which features teens chanting “Charlie, Charlie are you there?” and “Charlie, Charlie can we play?”

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According to countless Instagrams and Vines, the two pencils are placed in a cross formation on a chart that reads “yes,” “no,” and vice versa on the bottom half. After the teens chant, the pencil moves (supposedly on its own), indicating that, yes, Charlie is indeed there. 

THE LITTLE GIRL RAN OUT TOO???????????? – tag your friends!???? – {#charliechallenge #charliecharliechallenge #charliecharlie #charlieareyouthere #charlie}

A video posted by get me to 650 for a new video (@charliechallenge.official) on May 25, 2015 at 12:58pm PDT

The videos have been circulating online and feature thoroughly freaked-out participants screaming and running from the room when their pencils rotate. 

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(Side note: Us Weekly tried out the test and either a) Charlie was not, in fact, there, or B) Charlie is not, in fact, real.) 

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Watch the clips now and tell Us what you think!

Warning: This video includes NSFW language. 

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