Colton Haynes Opens Up About Being Hospitalized for Anxiety, Reassures Fans: “Ur Not Alone”

Colton Haynes
 Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Colton Haynes spoke out about a condition that he’s been struggling with since he was just a kid via a series of heartfelt messages on Twitter on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

“For those of you who are suffering with intense anxiety…ur not alone,” he wrote after sharing an Upvoted article linking anxiety and social status. “It’s been a constant struggle for me since 5th grade. It’s a battle.”

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The former Arrow actor, 27, added that he’s been hospitalized for anxiety on numerous occasions.

“Whether it be fainting, hyperventilating, or seizures… I’ve been through it,” he tweeted. “Just know ur not alone & it affects more ppl than you would ever know. We can overcome this. We can fight thru it & will.”

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Haynes, who also starred in Teen Wolf and used to model for Abercrombie & Fitch, also revealed that his anxiety has affected both his personal and professional lives.

“I’ve quit jobs because of anxiety, flaked on social events, family gatherings, birthdays, important movie/work tests,” he continued. “Its a serious problem.”

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The hunky actor ended his Twitter admission by imploring those fans who don’t suffer from anxiety but might know someone who does to “be there” for their family and friends.

“Be there for those who struggle with anxiety & realize its a serious disorder,” he wrote. “Its not a case of ‘being dramatic’ …its a life long struggle. Love those suffering. Anxiety has caused me to be extremely agoraphobic & livin in constant fear of leavin my house at times. Ur not alone.”

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