25 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Halston Sage


Halston Sage, 18 — star of Nickelodeon's How to Rock (Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. EST) — shares 25 things you don't know about her with Us Weekly.

1. I rode horses competitively for eight years.

2. I was the editor of my high school's newspaper.

3. My hands are always cold!

4. I love oatmeal raisin cookies.

5. My favorite weekend activity is riding bikes to breakfast.

6. I listen to the oldies radio station in my car.

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7. I am obsessed with '80s movies.

8. I've gone ziplining and scuba diving in St. Maarten.

9. I walk to the farmer's market with my mom and sister.

10. New York City is my favorite city in the world.

11. I have always liked really fun and unique nail polish colors.

12. I love dogs. I have a Golden Doodle and an Alaskan Klee Kai.

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13. One of my favorite gifts to get is a good book.

14. I am the oldest sibling. I have a younger brother and sister.

15. John Mayer and Jack Johnson are my all-time favorite artists.

16. I like any place in L.A. that I can walk to a cute cafe.

17. I have always thought that it would be fun to open a boutique bookstore with a great breakfast place inside.

18. I have won the "Most Smiley" award.

19. I was my eighth grade class president.

20. I will watch Friends whenever I see it playing on TV.

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21. I love anything chocolate, but my favorite candy combination is Hot Tamales mixed with Swedish Fish.

22. My favorite on-set snack is a banana with peanut butter.

23. When I was little, I used to want to be a dentist.

24. My mom and I both got our first major jobs on a Friday the 13th.

25. Every week during summer, I look forward to Sunday night dinners on the beach with my family.

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