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Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap: Did Ashley I. Give Up Her Virginity to Jared?

Ashley I and Jared
Ashley I. has big plans for her night with Jared.

There was an excitement in the air as part one of the Bachelor in Paradise finale began — especially for Ashley I., who was openly contemplating losing her virginity to Jared in the fantasy suite that night.

“I’m a virgin because I was waiting for the right guy, for love,” Ashley I. explained to the camera. “I like Jared a lot. He may be that guy.” She was still obviously nervous, though, adding, “Hopefully it doesn’t hurt a lot.”

Jared seemed to be going along with the date, but seemed pretty lukewarm. “Love works in mysterious ways,” he asserted. “I would love to spend the night with you and see what happens.”

They headed off to the fantasy suite where they awkwardly sat on the bed. The cameras cut out before it was clear whether anything of note was going to happen or not. Still, the other cast members were hopeful.

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“Ashley I. is a notorious virgin. Just for drama’s sake, it would really be fitting if Jared took Ashley I.’s virginity,” Tanner said to the camera.

The Morning After

Pretty much every single person left in Paradise was excited when Jared and Ashley I. returned the following morning — everyone except Jared, that is. Asked about their special evening together, Jared barely said a word.

“It was good,” he noted. “It was nice just to relax and get some AC and talk.” (In other words, “Please do not make me talk about it.”)

Ashley I. seemed oblivious to Jared’s lack of enthusiasm. “Last night was so good!” she chimed. “He looks perfect sleeping. He is amazing and I am in love with Jared!”

Meanwhile, Jared was confessing to the other guys that “nothing really happened” in the fantasy suite and that he needed to cut if off with her once and for all. “I don’t think Ashley is going to take it well,” he predicted. Spoiler alert: He wasn’t wrong.

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Though he tried to let her down gently, her disappointment could not be contained. “I had a great time last night,” he began before telling her that they just weren’t “strong enough.” He then told her was leaving immediately and she burst into tears.

“I didn’t think I was going to find anyone here,” she cried to the camera. “I don’t think another one like him exists.”

Mikey Dumps Juelia

Though Juelia was feeling great about her connection with Mikey, he just wasn’t that into the relationship and he decided he had no choice but to end things.

“I came back here for you. You know that. And I really, really wanted to see where we could go,” he began. “I think the world of you. I think that you’re the sweetest, nicest person and I mean that genuinely. There is not a mean bone in your body. It’s refreshing to be able to know someone like you.”

But then he admitted he felt their connection was more friendly than romantic. “There’s been times where, because you’re such an awesome person, that I’ve been almost forcing it.”

Predictably, Juelia (who was clearly caught off guard) broke down crying. “I was finally feeling something and it lasted for like, a day,” she told the camera as she prepared to leave. “I just want somebody to really fight for me and I’m willing to wait until that happens.”

Jaclyn Asks Justin on a Date — and So Does Cassandra

After weighing her options — none of which seemed to impress her much — Jaclyn decided to ask Justin to accompany her on a date. He said yes, but then Cassandra showed up (talk about the ninth hour!) and invited him on her one-on-one. Justin was clearly more interested in the sexy single mom and bailed on Jaclyn, who was none too pleased.

Cassandra and Justin enjoyed a picture-perfect date that included horseback riding, picnicking on the beach, and bonding about both being parents — in between making out, of course.

BIP Cassandra and Justin
Cassandra and Justin bond about their kids.

“I’m looking forward to seeing where this could go,” Justin said to the camera.

“I’ve been looking for a guy like Justin forever,” Cassandra added.

Nick Takes Samantha on Jaclyn’s Date

Taking a cue from Joshua (who previously requested a date card from Chris), Nick asked Jaclyn if he could use her date card to take Samantha out. Though Jaclyn and Nick had a tumultuous history since he eliminated her on season three of Bachelor Pad and took $250,000 from her best friend, she ultimately agreed to let bygones be bygones and gave him her otherwise unusable date card.

Nick and Samantha then headed out for a luxurious dinner date, where they spent most of the time talking about how gorgeous Samantha was. In between bites there was a fair amount of kissing, but Samantha didn’t look all that into it.

Carly Tells Kirk She Can Picture Having His Kids

Power couple Kirk and Carly seemed to be getting closer than ever as she talked to him about being able to envision a future together for the rest of their lives.

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“I’ve never been able to picture having kids with someone and getting married to someone,” she admitted to Kirk.

“It’s called finding your idiot,” he joked.

“You’re my idiot,” she said with a smile, looking like the happiest woman alive (that feeling was about to end, though). 

Last Rose Ceremony

Chris Harrison then arrived to help prepare everyone for the final rose ceremony of the season. “Are you with the person you want to be with?” he asked the group. “Is there somebody here that you can see a future with?”

With Jared gone, Ashley I. decided there wasn’t and she opted to leave. “I’m leaving on my own because yesterday I cried about Jared, this morning I cried about Jared, and tomorrow I’ll cry about Jared,” she explained to the camera. In the car ride home, she revealed that she hadn’t actually lost her v card to Jared, but she got “close enough.”

Then it was time to hand out the roses. Kirk gave his to Carly, Tanner to Jade, Nick to Samantha, Joshua to Tenley, and Justin to Cassandra. Not having gotten anywhere with either Samantha or Cassandra, Dan opted to leave without giving his rose to anyone. Finally, Mikey offered his rose to Mckenzie, but she declined and they both left. 

Kirk Dumps Carly 

The following day, each couple had the opportunity to enjoy a fantasy suite date — and Carly couldn’t wait. “Today is going to be the best day in Paradise!” she cheered. “I’m ready to freaking go, like now!”

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Kirk was doubting their connection, however. “I’ve had a few doubts over the last few days — well, week – and I can’t do it to her anymore,” he confessed. “Last night she talked about having my kids. I’m not there. I’m way behind where she’s at. I can’t let it go on any longer.”

Then – as Us Weekly reported exclusively in the latest issue – he broke Carly’s heart.

“Over the last couple weeks we’ve been talking about the future, about what’s happening next,” he began. “And it’s caused me to really take a hard look at where this is going and I think I’m a little behind.” Carly listened quietly as he continued with the real blow. “I’m afraid I’m a lot behind and the conversations we’ve had about where this is going — and I’ve seen your face light up — I’m just not sure that I’m there right now.”

Carly remained relatively composed, all things considered, and announced she was going home.

Though Kirk tried to reiterate how much he cared about her, she really didn’t want to hear it (not that you can blame her). She literally ran away from him back and went back to her room, where she packed up and left Paradise for good.

Tell Us: Were you surprised that Kirk dumped Carly, and that Ashley I. didn’t lose her virginity?

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