Natalie and Dave Win Bachelor Pad; Their Plans for the $250,000


Natalie Getz and Dave Good won the first season of ABC's The Bachelor Pad Monday — though they weren't initially the front runners. For the final challenge,

Natalie and Dave — along with the other two final couples, Jesse Kovacs and Elizabeth Kitt and Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke — had to face off in a ballroom dancing competition (they received training from some Dancing With the Stars pros).

Tenley, 26, and Kiptyn, 32, won over guest judges Melissa Rycroft, Jake Pavelka and Trista Rehn.

As a result, they got to vote off two contestants.

They ended up sending Jesse, 28, and Elizabeth, 30, home. (They said they felt Natalie, 28, and Dave, 28, were more loyal to them throughout the game.)

All four then had to face off against the previous ousted contestants who got to choose who would win the $250,000 prize.

They all got blasted.

Krisily Kennedy slammed Dave for not telling her that she was going to get eliminated on one episode. "You didn't give me the respect," she told him. Gwen, the oldest person in the house, took aim at Dave after hearing him say that "anybody in their 30s is a loser for being in this house."

Michelle Kujawa blasted Tenley for spreading a rumor that she hooked up with one of the housemates. "I lost respect for you," she told her. "You don't have my vote." When Tenley apologized, Michele, 26, sniped, "What goes around comes around, and I don't care."

Before the housemates voted, the final four made their pleas and explained how they would spend the $250,000 prize money.

Natalie said she had "debt" to pay off but also planned to use some of the cash to start a small charity for prostate cancer victims after her father was diagnosed with the disease. Dave said he deserved the money since he always brought "some comic relief" to the show.

Tenley told her former housemates that she lost her home after her marriage ended and would repay her parents the "money they thought they would never see come back to them. Also, I am not gonna lie, I am going to have some fun." Kiptyn said he wanted to use the money on some of life's "little pleasures" but also vowed to give some to charity to "pay it forward."

In the end, Dave and Natalie were voted the winners.

However, they weren't immediately given the money.

They were sent into two different rooms and had to select whether they wanted to "keep" the money for themselves or "share" it with each other.

The twist: If they both picked "share," they'd get split money: $125,000 each. If one chose "keep," that person would get all the money. If they both chose "keep," neither would get it and it would be split among the former housemates.

Dave chose "split" – and Natalie looked nervous. Before revealing her choice, she said, "The only time to be selfish is when you've already gotten your friends as far as they can go." She then announced that she, too, had selected "split."

Elated, they began jumping up and down.

Dave even smooched host Chris Harrison on the lips.

Though Dave told his housemates he and Natalie were romantic, he insisted they weren't "on the same level as" as real-life couple Tenley and Kiptyn.

Surely, the experience will bring them closer together. Stay tuned!

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