Brittany Snow and Coppertone Pulled a Huge Prank on Unsuspecting Customers

Fooled ya! Brittany Snow predicted that people wouldn’t expect a drugstore favorite like Coppertone to produce an expensive-feeling product like Clearly Sheer, their lightweight SPF. “So what if it didn’t?” Snow, who serves as the brand’s spokesperson, asks in a new campaign video.

In the video, the Pitch Perfect actress served as a salesgirl of sorts, pushing Le Clair Sunscreen (which was really Clearly Sheer!) to a few unsuspecting shoppers. The repurposed product was boxed in a fancy-looking package with a simple logo and pretty bottle. Snow, 30, described the product as luxurious and lightweight, and guaranteed that Le Clair, infused with “velvet and snow,” protected against “ultraviolet rays, sunlight and bears.”

Snow’s shoppers praised the fancy and faux product, complimenting its texture and smell. “I like this feel,” one said. “Sometimes sunscreens tend to be tacky.” And they were still impressed after Snow did the big reveal. Watch their reactions in the video above!

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