Frozen's Queen Elsa Looks Unrecognizable Without Makeup, Plus More Disney Princess' Dramatic Makeunders

Buzzfeed gave the Disney princesses (and yes, Frozen's Queen Elsa) a makeunder to reveal what the characters would look like without makeup; see the side-by-side photos! Credit: Loryn Brantz for BuzzFeed; Walt Disney Studios

Bibbidi, bobbidi, makeunder time!

Disney's cartoon princesses all boast perfect plump pouts, lush lashes, and pristine complexions—it's just the norm. So when we came across this BuzzFeed story, featuring our favorite cartoon heroines without makeup and looking a little more like Us, we were floored.

Just look at these side-by-side images! In her "after" photo, Frozen's Queen Elsa goes without her amethyst eyeshadow and frosted raspberry lip, and she instantly looks a whole lot more like the college-age gal she could certainly be (you know, if she wasn't a magical royal).

Then there's The Princess and the Frog's Tiana—who could probably care less about having the perfect smoky eye. She's too busy working that elbow grease inside her dream restaurant-to-be.

And of course, there's The Little Mermaid's Ariel. Not only does the lady who longs for land go makeup-free, she also rocks freckles—as she should, since she spends plenty of time popping out into the sun to eye the humans. And let's be honest: Since she's "Under the Sea," no amount of waterproof makeup is going to stay on forever.

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