Jared Leto Did Not Shave His Beard Into a Porntastic Mustache, But He Did Fool the Internet

Jared Leto shares a photo of himself with a mustache on instagram Credit: courtesy of Jared Leto

Jared Leto pulled a fast one on the Internet on June 17 when he posted a picture of himself with a porntastic mustache.

"How ya like my #stash! #selfie," the Oscar winner, 42, captioned the pic on Instagram. The facial hair extended out and below his bottom lip, making it look like a cross between a '70s porn star mustache and a cowboy.

However, the Dallas Buyers Club actor outed himself when he attended the Clear Channel Media and Entertainment: A Conversation with Benjamin Palmer + Jared Leto on June 18—with his full scruff intact.

"Jared's mustache look is certainly bold and daring," celebrity groomer Vaughn tells Us Weekly. "I do think that mustaches are a sustaining look for men. They are a style statement and a bit nostalgic."

If your man is inspired by Leto's look, Vaughn, who founded V76 by Vaughn grooming products, suggests keeping it trimmed off the lips for a finished look. "When you are done styling your hair with a hair wax, for example, use some of the leftover product on your fingertips to tame your mustache," Vaughn says. "Just run it through your facial hair."