Kardashians' Makeup Artist Rob Scheppy Gives Beauty Tips

Celebrity Beauty Jun. 18, 2013 AT 5:34PM

Who knows more about makeup than the Kardashian sisters, veterans of many a glitzy red carpet event? Their makeup guru Rob Scheppy, of course! Now you can learn from the master himself.

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In a new beauty how-to on Brittny Gastineau's website Eye on Glam (Gastineau is a close friend of Kim Kardashian and was among the first to meet her new baby girl with Kanye West), Scheppy goes through the steps to achieving a flawless makeup look.

The Kardashian sisters are fans of contouring.
The Kardashian sisters are fans of contouring.
Credit: Henry S. Dziekan III/WireImage.com

His best tip? You don't need plastic surgery to look perfect, he says. Instead, try contouring. In the video, the makeup artist explains how to contour and highlight with a makeup brush. Other useful advice: Use gold eyeliner to make eyes pop, and for fuller lips, swipe on some lip gloss.

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To see more fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle stories, go to Eye on Glam.

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