Sonja Morgan Wore Custom-Made Red Wig for NYC Event

Sonja Morgan Credit: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images; Jamie McCarthy/

Turns out the jaw-dropping hair makeover Sonja Morgan debuted earlier this week was totally temporary.

On Tuesday, the blonde Real Housewives of New York star attended the GLAAD Manhattan Summer Event in NYC, rocking a fiery red hue.

"Should I keep RED hair?" she tweeted, in response to her costar LuAnn De Lesseps' photo from the event.

But Morgan, 48, hadn't ditched her blonde locks at all -- she just covered them up with a custom-made wig. The Bravo star turned to NYC's Angelo David Salon to punch up her look for the event with a couture hairpiece.

Earlier this summer, Morgan, who was married to legendary financier J.P. Morgan's great-grandson, John Adams Morgan, opened up to Lifestyle Mirror about her decision to become a reality TV star.

"You're you, but you're amplified by ten," she explained of her on-screen persona. Still, "if you sign up for reality TV, you have to be yourself. People want to see how people live [on reality shows]. It makes people feel like they're not alone in the world."