Shirtless Chris Evans Shows Off Buzzed Head, New Beard

Credit: Eric Ford/On Location News

No matter what style he rocks, Chris Evans always looks hot.

The 30-year-old hunk stripped down for an upcoming magazine shoot at Vasquez Rocks Park in Santa Clarita, Calif. Wednesday. Showing off his bulging biceps, chiseled chest and six-pack abs, The Avengers star also unveiled a newly buzzed head and a beard.

The actor decided to "take a bit of a break" from exercising while spending the holidays with his family in Boston. "We finished The Avengers back in September, and coming from Captain America right into The Avengers, essentially I felt like I'd been working out for over a year straight," he told Details.

So how does Evans stay in fighting form? "My workout routine isn't too fancy, either. I don't have some cool P90X thing that I do," Evans explained. "I just pick up heavy stuff and put it back down. It's really simple stuff. It's like the stuff I learned in high school."