Mom Dresses Her Twins as Kardashians, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton 

Katie Stauffer’s 23-month-old twins Emma and Mila were born on October 31. So it’s only fitting that the toddlers from Gilbert, Arizona, have soared to internet stardom for their coordinating Halloween costumes.

Since their mom began sharing photos on Instagram in August, Emma and Mila have dressed up as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and Barb and Eleven from Netflix’s sci-fi hit Stranger Things. The most-liked ensemble: when the sisters posed as Piper Chapman and Red from Orange Is the New Black on September 25. 

The real OG's of AZ #orangeisthenewblack

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Stauffer, who spends no more than $45 on each outfit, says nailing the perfect shot can be a challenge. “Sometimes I have trouble getting them to stay in one place,” says the 38-year-old escrow officer. “But they never protest, like, ‘We don’t want to do this,’ because they’re only 1! They are really good about wigs and stuff thanks to Tangled. They think they are Rapunzel.”

And though there haven’t been any major meltdowns, Stauffer says Mila refused to wear pants when she dressed up as Democratic presidential candidate Clinton. “I try not to do push them to do stuff, so I was like, ‘Fine, we’ll just do it in a dress, even though Hillary never wears dresses.” 

Of course the big question is: What will Mila and Emma be for Halloween? “I have no idea,” Stauffer tells Us. “Literally things come to me last minute.”

Stauffer, who is also mom of Kaitlin, 13, Charles, 9, and Finn, 9, blogs about parenting at Over Our Wall

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