It's "Ridiculous" to Question Bethenny's Baby Weight Loss, Says Alex

Credit: Jamie McCarthy/; Sara Jaye Weiss

Alex McCord is defending her Real Housewives of New York costar Bethenny Frankel, whom some have blasted for losing her baby weight so quickly.

"People who are bugging her about it are reprehensible," McCord, 36, told at the Eat, Drink and Be Hopeful event at the BellTel Lofts in Brooklyn Tuesday.

Frankel, 39, recently told Us Weekly she lost 29 of the 35 pounds she gained during her pregnancy -- three weeks after giving birth (she even posed in size 4 bathing suit). Critics claim Frankel didn't eat enough during her pregnancy and is setting unrealistic expectations for women.

But McCord told Us it is "absolutely ridiculous to bother her about this. She is a brand-new mommy. I have been through this. I have two children; I gained about 45 lbs. with my first and it was all gone within less than a month. I mean, two weeks after Francois was born I was in pre-pregnancy jeans. There are some people who win the genetic lottery, and it melts off."