Costar: Brad Pitt's Kids Took Over Moneyball Set!

Credit: James Devaney/

Keith Middlebrook got six for the price of one when he signed up to star opposite Brad Pitt in the upcoming movie Moneyball.

According to the actor, Pitt, 46, often brought his six children (including Maddox, 9, Pax, 7, Zahara, 5, Shiloh, 4, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 2) to visit him on the film's L.A. and Boston sets.

"There were toys and there were kids everywhere!" Middlebrook told at the TRON: Legacy premiere in Hollywood Saturday. "He is a great father. That is probably his top priority right now."

Indeed. Middlebrook told Us that Angelina Jolie's partner of five years is such a hands-on dad that they rarely got a chance to bond once cameras stopped rolling.

"We didn't really hang out because he had the kids," he explained. "He does his scenes, then he hangs out with the kids and leaves."