Every New Mom Needs This Emoji Keyboard — Complete With Postpartum Mesh Undies!

Just leaked breast milk through your shirt? Rocking a pair of postpartum mesh undies? There’s an emoji for that!

EmojiMom (iTunes, $1.99) features 250 parenting-themed illustrations including a C-section incision, a mother pumping in a bathroom stall and a tube of nipple cream. The keyboard also offers adorable images that compare the size of a growing baby to different fruit and vegetables. Think: 6 weeks (sweet pea), 24 weeks (eggplant) and 39 weeks (watermelon). And there is no shortage of new mom essentials, such as a Boppy pillow and the FridaBaby snot sucker.

Harvard graduate Sarah Robinson created the iOS keyboard with her best friends Natalie Ralston and Hannah Hudson. All three women welcomed babies in 2015. “One day my son Jack peed all over me when I was getting ready for work,” Robinson tells Us Weekly. “I texted them about it, obviously. We jokingly commiserated that there needed to be an emoji to describe that feeling because ‘yellow-river-of-tears face’ really just didn’t cut it.”

One year later, on July 30, the trio launched EmojiMom with the help of illustrator Lauren Burke.

“We wanted to help moms sending these to make their friends laugh, and moms on the receiving end to feel like someone just a text away gets what they’re going through,” Robinson tells Us. “And what you go through is the highest of the highs as well as the lowest of lows, as all parents know. That’s why we have an emoji of a mom who has just delivered and has champagne in her hand, and we have an emoji of postpartum mesh underwear! Motherhood is both of those things.”

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