Hilarious Father of Four Daughters Tweets His Family’s Conversations

Credit: Courtesy James Breakwell Family

Nothing is sacred in James Breakwell’s house. The father of four daughters— ages 5, 3, 22 months, and 5 months — has been tweeting his hilarious interactions with the girls for the last four years. “My wife Lola is grudgingly tolerant of my Twitter activities,” the Indiana-based web-comic (AKA @XplodingUnicorn) tells Us Weekly. “She’s never asked me to take a tweet down, and she doesn’t get offended by them. It helps that she never reads them. She was aware I was a terrible person when she married me, so my tweets just confirm what she already knows."

The 30-year-old dad admits he thrives on the attention. “Dealing with a horrific diaper blowout isn’t so bad if I can turn it into a tweet that makes strangers on the Internet validate my existence,” he jokes. “Yes, I have a problem.”

Breakwell isn’t done having kids — “we have two more seats in the minivan,” he says — and the blogger would gladly welcome another girl. “If we had a boy, it would just give my wife an excuse to buy an entire wardrobe in the opposite gender,” he cracks. “Besides, I got my girls to like Star Wars and Xbox, so I don’t know that raising a boy would be that much different. I’m equally capable of ruining a child from another gender.”

Check out his funniest Tweets below.

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