Mom Posts Hilarious Video of Herself Wearing a Chewbacca Mask While Giving Birth 

Mom Posts Hilarious Video of Herself Wearing a Chewbacca Mask While Giving Birth 

This is so much better than a delivery room glam squad. First-time parent Katie Curtis pushed through her labor pains with a Chewbacca mask on — and filmed the whole thing for posterity. “Just because I’m about to be a mom doesn’t mean I have to grow up!” the 32-year-old wrote in a now-viral Facebook post January 2. “#havingababy #pregnancyhairgrowth.” Watch the hilarious moment in the video above.

In the accompanying clip, Curtis is seen in her hospital bed, clutching her belly through contractions — but the Star Wars prop hilariously translates her cries into Shyriiwook, the sweet growling language of Wookiees. 

Curtis, who welcomed her daughter, Jayden, on January 3, after 19 hours of excruciating labor, tells Us Weekly she was inspired by Chewbacca Mom Candace Payne. Refresher: Payne shot to internet stardom with more than 165 million views on her Facebook Live video after she filmed herself laughing hysterically in a Kohl’s parking lot while trying on a Chewbacca mask in May 2016.

“I watched it over and over,” Curtis tells Us. “Toward the end of my pregnancy, my brother got me the mask as a joke, hoping I would laugh my way into labor!” The force wasn’t that strong — but the Ontario-based medical assistant got a rise out of the staff at the hospital. Says Curtis, “My doctor and all the nurses thought it was absolutely hilarious.” And so did the Internet. 

“I’m due in April/May. I HAVE to do this! Love it!” wrote one person, while another joked, “Go back in 12 months and see if she is still in such a playful mood….”

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