Octomom's Fertility Doctor Loses His License

Credit: Jordan Strauss/WireImage.com; Toby Canham/Getty Images

No more babies for Octomom Nadya Suleman!

The California State Medical board announced it will be revoking Dr. Michael Kamrava's license on July 1, arguing that he "did not exercise sound judgment" when he implanted 12 embryos inside Suleman in 2008.

The board claimed Kamrava "committed gross negligence, repeated negligent acts and incompetence" instead of requiring the unemployed single mom to undergo a mental health evaluation.

In a statement to TMZ, the board said it "is not assured that oversight through probation is enough, and having weighed the above, has determined that revocation of respondent's certificate is necessary to protect the public."

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey in January, Suleman, 35, admitted that she expanded her family out of emotional need.

"I'm looking desperately outside myself and using an inappropriate filler to fill something that I should be filling from within," said Suleman, who once sold old bikinis and bras at a yard sale in an attempt to resolve her $450,000 debt.