Amanda Bynes Gets Her Face Pierced

Amanda Bynes Credit: Instagram

If you’ve been wondering what Amanda Bynes has been up to since she “retired” and fled Los Angeles for New York City last September, it seems she’s been busy … getting her face pierced.

The former “What I Like About You” star proudly showed off a brand new “dermal anchor” in the left side of her face where her infamous dimples would be in a super close-up photo she posted on Instagram on Sunday. The next day, she added another shot, this one of her smiling and sitting in a car while wearing oversized sunglasses and pink earbuds.

Although Bynes, 26, seemed stoked about her new look, her followers on Instagram were not into it. “I hope that's fake,” commented @stephanie_kennedyy. “You're too pretty for that.” Added @whiskeygoat, “Why f--k with a gorgeous face?”

According to, body art such as Bynes’ “can ruin the facial appearance of a person” unless it is done carefully … so we hope the actress’ piercer knew what they were doing!

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