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BBC Apologizes For Obscene Prince William Doodle, "Failed to Spot" Penis Drawing

Celebrity News Aug. 1, 2013 AT 7:35PM
BBC apologized to Prince William for airing penis drawn on forehead The BBC issued an apology after airing an image of Prince William with an obscene drawing on his forehead. Credit: BBC

Gone but not forgotten! The BBC received a deluge of backlash after airing an image of Prince William with a not-so-flattering accessory on his forehead during their morning program BBC Breakfast on Thursday, August 1.

The morning news program aired a video by musical theater group Barbershopera titled "I Could Have Married Kate" at one point during their show as part of a segment promoting their appearance on the show.

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Viewers quickly jumped to criticize the show, however, after editors "failed to spot" an image of Prince William with a penis drawn on his forehead that flashed on the screen for several seconds.

"Yup, that's a penis on Prince William's head," one viewer tweeted. "Outrageous."

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The new father (wife Kate Middleton gave birth to their baby son Prince George on Monday, July 22) also sported glasses, a silly moustache and goatee, and a few missing teeth courtesy of someone's black marker.

"This image was shown fleetingly within a comedy promotional video for Barbershopera, a humerous barbershop group, who were appearing later on in the program," a BBC spokeswoman said in a statement.

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"The material was provided by Barbershopera but we failed to spot the offending material within it," she continued. "We apologize for this."

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