In her teen years, Skinnygirl mogul Bethenny Frankel sure had a need for speed -- and it cost her!

Sitting pretty in an electric blue Toyota Supra with a targa top during her high school years in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Frankel, now 41, took I-95 by storm one day with some unexpected results.

"I was probably [driving] too quickly and probably rushing to get somewhere, as usual, and hadn't closed the top properly. It went flying off the car, which could've been very dangerous on the highway," the Bravo reality star told Us Weekly when promoting her Skinnygirl skincare line in New York City. 

Thankfully no one was injured, though Frankel's pocketbook took a big hit.

"The top got ripped off, and it was really expensive," she said. "I couldn't drive the car for a while because I couldn't afford to get the new top!"