Britney Spears and Her Dancers Dress as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves For Halloween

Britney Spears dresses as Snow White and her dancers dress as the seven dwarves for Halloween 2013. Credit: Courtesy of Britney Spears

Returning to her Disney roots, former Mouseketeer Britney Spears donned a Snow White costume for Halloween and seven of her dancers played her seven dwarves in a cute Instagram shot. 

While Spears, 31, went all out with a wig and sexier take on the iconic princess' blue, red, and yellow dress, the dancers merely wore beanie hats with the dwarves names on them. 

It's surprising the group had time to pose for a picture at all. Spears' eighth studio album, Britney Jean, hits stores on Dec. 3 and the Grammy-winning pop star is currently preparing for a Las Vegas residency starting on Dec. 27.

Spears' latest single and music video, "Work Bitch" caused plenty of buzz and features the crooner in sexy ensembles with plenty of dance moves. 

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