Connor and Isabella Cruise Resurface in New Twitter Photo

Isabella Cruise and Connor Cruise Credit: Instagram/Connor Cruise

The Cruise kids are just chillin'!

As their sister Suri Cruise enjoys time in New York City, Connor and Isabella Cruise bonded in their Los Angeles hometown, as evidenced by a new Twitter photo Connor, 17, posted Thursday.

"Me and my sister," disc jockey Connor -- who goes by the stage name DJ C-Squared -- wrote when posting the pic and the hashtag #chilltime.

Though Connor has turned up on his dad's many film sets -- including Oblivion in Iceland, which Connor visited days after Katie Holmes filed to divorce his dad June 28 -- Isabella, 19, has largely remained private as her family deals with the couple's split.

A source tells Us Weekly that Isabella and Connor -- whom Cruise, 50, and ex-wife Nicole Kidman adopted during their 10-year marriage -- have yet to see their former stepmother Holmes since she filed for divorce.

Connor has been especially broken up about his dad's split from Holmes. "Katie was practically his mom," a source recently told Us. "He called her 'mom,' too."