Cookie Monster Apple iPhone Commercial Outtakes Are Hilarious and Heartwarming

We feel ya, Cookie Monster. Sesame Street’s resident blue fur ball starred in a hilarious iPhone 6s commercial that debuted last month, and on Thursday, April 7, Apple released a video of the muppet’s best outtakes from the ad.

In the minute-and-a-half clip, Cookie Monster tries his hand at the latest Apple technology, calling on Siri to ask a number of questions as he waits for his precious cookies to bake.

“Siri, you in there?” he asks his iPhone with his chin on the kitchen counter.

“Hey. Cookie Monster,” the robotic voice replies. Cookie Monster looks thrilled as he shouts to the crew, “You know me! She know me!”

He then turns back to his phone: “Me gonna give you cookie, Siri.”

The Sesame Street star even badgers Siri as he waits impatiently for his sweet treats.

“Is it ready yet?” he asks. “How bout now? How bout now? How bout now?”

Perhaps one of the most hilarious moments comes when he spazzs out as his alarm finally goes off, indulging in boxes and plates full of cookies.

Watch the hilarious clip above!

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