With days to go until Halloween, Jake Gyllenhaal has already become the victim of a seriously scary trick. 

The Nightcrawler actor, 33, appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, Oct. 29, and got a fright at the hands of the prank-happy host. 

Ellen DeGeneres sat Gyllenhaal down for what appeared to be a standard interview session, posing questions about his recent film work. 

"I just want you to do a comedy at some point, because, Jarhead, Prisoners, which was fantastic — every movie you're in is just so intense," DeGeneres, 56, began. "What is it about the dark movies that you do?"


Sitting near DeGeneres with his hands folded in his lap, the Enemy star considered his answer. "I have this belief that if you kinda go into the dark sometimes, it can be illuminating," he said. "I like those characters cause they're kind of fun to play, but I also think there's an opportunity for…"

Gyllenhaal's introspective moment was cut off when a person in a creepy doll costume and terrifying mask jumped out of the end table between the actor and the funnywoman and screamed. 

Watch Gyllenhaal's priceless reaction in the video above!