Jamie Lee Curtis Injured in Car Accident, Jodie Foster Rushes to Help

Credit: Jeff Vespa/WireImage

It was a Freaky Thursday for Jamie Lee Curtis and Jodie Foster. Curtis, 54, was involved in a serious car accident in Venice, Calif. the morning of Aug. 1, suffering minor injuries. As photos at TMZ attest, the Fish Called Wanda star and Activia spokeswoman was transported to a local hospital via ambulance -- but fellow Hollywood veteran Jodie Foster arrived on the scene to help, following an apparent phone call from longtime pal Curtis.

UPDATE: A rep for Curtis tells Us Weekly that "Jamie was not hurt and is doing fine," and also confirms that Foster was at the scene.

(Both Curtis and Oscar winner Foster, 50, have worked steadily in the industry since the 1970s; as it happens, Foster starred in 1976's Freaky Friday, and Curtis, opposite Lindsay Lohan, starred in the 2003 remake.)

TMZ reports that Curtis was the passenger in a black Yukon SUV, which crashed into a BMW. She's reportedly at home resting, although the driver's injuries are said to be more serious.