Josh Groban's Unlikely Make Out Soundtrack

Credit: Michael Stewart/WireImage

Josh Groban has made millions of women swoon, and has no doubt been the soundtrack to many a make out session. But romantic tunes are the last thing Groban wants to listen to to get a girl in the mood.

His romantic music of choice? "Nine Inch Nails," swears Groban.

Speaking to Parade magazine, Groban, 29, says “We ain’t listenin’ to nothing romantic; I get enough of that during the day!" And he won't woo a lady with any of his own super successful tracks. "I’m super shy about playing my songs or singing for a girl I like. I guess because it’s such a part of me,” Groban admits.

What's he looking for in an ideal mate? A New York state of mind. "I don’t find many women in New York who are looking for a free ride or talking to me for the wrong reasons," says Groban of his dating life in New York City. "They don’t care what I do. Everyone’s got something going on here, which is wonderful because you can have a conversation that doesn’t involve the superficial."

One thing Groban's gunning for: Another guest spot on Glee. “A ‘hair-off’ between Matthew Morrison and me would be an absolute delight. I think I could take him down!”