Justin Bieber Police Footage Released: Video Shows Singer's Wobbly Sobriety Test

Celebrity News Feb. 27, 2014 AT 9:50AM

Justin Bieber is the star of a new video making the rounds online -- but this one has nothing to do with music. On Wednesday, Feb. 26, Miami-Dade County prosecutors released approximately 10 hours of footage taken of the 19-year-old singer at the Miami Beach Police Department on Jan. 23, the morning of his now-infamous DUI arrest.

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Among the footage is this clip (obtained by TMZ) of a hoodie-wearing Bieber attempting to walk in a straight line as part of a sobriety test. At one point during the test, he appears to wobble slightly after spinning around to walk in the other direction.

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A different clip obtained by TMZ shows the "Heartbreaker" crooner knocking out almost two dozen pushups in 30 seconds. He can also be seen talking with police officers at various points.

Credit: Miami-Dade Police Department

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As previously reported, Bieber was taken into custody on Jan. 23 for DUI, driving with an expired license, and resisting arrest. Toxicology results indicate he had marijuana and prescription medication in his system at the time. Following the arrest, he spent several hours in jail before appearing in court, where his bond was set at $2,500.

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