Kate Bosworth Documents her Love Life in Pictures, Makes Instagram Account Public

Kate and Michael chill out in the sun Credit: Courtesy Kate Bosworth

She's gone public! Kate Bosworth made the unexpected decision to open up her Instagram account to the public on Tuesday, July 1, sharing an array of intimate pictures of her life with husband Michael Polish, 43.

The 31-year-old beauty has been posting snaps of her life since 2012, the year after she met her husband on the set of the movie Big Sur, but had kept her account private up until now. On Tuesday, however, the usually low-key actress had a change of heart.

"I've gone public everyone," the blonde actress announced on her Twitter feed. "Welcome to my official Instagram—come find me x x."

The pictures document Bosworth and Polish's home life, including sweet moments such as a private New Year's Eve celebration and a baking session with Polish adding ingredients to a mixing bowl in their simple, white kitchen.

Polish's 15-year-old daughter Jasper is also frequently pictured, playing guitar on the kitchen surface, wearing Mickey Mouse ears with her stepmom Bosworth, and cuddled up in a cozy white bed.

Film director Polish and his bride married in August last year, although Bosworth has said the couple had been attracted to each other before they even dated.

"It was that artist-muse relationship unfolding very quickly and deeply," she remembered. "I never even dated my [husband]. He said to me after just a few weeks, before we were even together, 'I'm going to marry you.' He just knew."