Kelsey Grammer's Hacked Email Mocks Camille

Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty

This stinks!

Kelsey Grammer sent out an email to numerous friends and business associates with an unappealing subject line: "Camille smells like beef jerkey [sic]. Goodnight."

But the Emmy-winning actor claims his account was hacked, and he didn't say such a foul thing about his ex-wife. According to E! News, the 56-year-old former Frasier star insisted that the meaty message about Camille was sent "without my knowledge, consent or authority." 

While the email account is in Kelsey's name, he insists many other people have access to it and that it was always a shared account. 

Even before the jerky comments, things were pretty nasty between Kelsey and Camille. After 13 years of marriage, the couple's divorce was finalized on February 10; Kelsey wed Kayte Walsh 16 days later in NYC. In May, Kelsey filed for sole physical custody of his and Camille's two children. 

Tell Us: Do you believe Kelsey that his account was hacked?