Kim Kardashian Gets Security Pat Down on Booty at the Airport: Funny Pictures

Kim Kardashian got a security pat down at LAX Airport on Wednesday, Jan. 7. Credit: Juliano-FK-Rol/

On Wednesday, Jan. 7, a female TSA agent got to live the dream of men all over the world, when Kim Kardashian was selected for a security pat down at LAX Airport. The curvy reality star, 34, was a good sport about it, smiling and cooperating with the agent conducting the screening.

Wearing fitted jeans, a black T-shirt, and a fur-trimmed leather jacket, Kanye West’s wife got the full treatment — booty included. 

The frequent flier had already taken her stilettos off and stood barefoot throughout the pat down. West, 37, stood nearby after clearing the initial scan. 

The couple was traveling from their home in Los Angeles to New York City, where Kardashian shared a headshot via Instagram. 

“NYC - glam today @joycebonelli @michaelsilvahair,” she captioned the chic picture of her wearing a low-cut black blazer.